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Friday, December 01, 2006

OJay, now what?

So lately O.J. Simpson has been trying a to get publicity with his new book, If I Did It. The book, which was set to be promoted with an interview on FOX, was cancelled altogether. So from the aspect of sponsored content, who the heck is going to want to back/ promote/ advertise/ publish/ interview this man who allegedly admits that he did in fact kill his wife in this book.

I found the answer to one of those questions. Who would publish such a book? Judith Reagan, former writer for the National Enquirer, current head of Reagan Books publishing. After the books were shipped, they were recalled (what good taste she does have). The boxes were supposed to be returned, unopened. I give it a week before I see the pirated copy on the internet.

Now with one question resolved, next comes advertising. Who would really back this program? The :30 spots were each $200,000 a pop. Websites like were reported to be grabbing up the ad space. Proof that if there is a controversial event, some company will try to cash in. But the 8 million in ad revenues is nothing for FOX. The channel didn't cancel the program because of a lack of interest for advertisers.

The channel cancelled the program because it had the potential of doing exactly the opposite of what they had intended. Set to air on a November sweeps week, the program was meant to bring in some viewership. Instead, it seems that it may have taken some away, with people who were really disappointed with the networks choice to air that interview. I guess Fox will have to wait till the next season of American Idol to get their big revenues, to get back their Coke sponsor, and to command a large viewership.


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