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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Eveyone Wants Their Own Youtube

After Google acquired Youtube, the thought of how huge online media sharing has become sparked the imagination of a few television exec's. Now rumor has it (as reported by that an undisclosed group of buyers want to purchase the Israel based video sharing site, Metacafe.

The site currently runs like Youtube, with user-generated videos posted for all the world to see. If acquired, the site would be a host to television clips exclusively from the networks that purchase it. Because the site would be a legitimate source of television clips, the commercials that run during television would be present as well. The rise of sponsored content on the internet lives on as more and more television networks are offering exclusive clips online.

But the deal only has a 50-50 chance of actually happening. The TV exec's are having second thoughts, because no matter what, the television clips will not be so exclusive once placed on the internet. The networks worry that their material will be uploaded and shared so that the sponsors of these clips will be cut out, altogether.

But Youtube still reigns supreme. Casting a shadow over this deal, the potential buyers of Metacafe are unsure if their site is enticing enough to trump Youtube. I guess this story is to be continued.....

You can check out more details of the potential buy at


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