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Friday, November 03, 2006

Up in SMOKE!

Last week I discussed how clever the alcohol companies are in their advertising schemes. I wish I could say the same about cigarette companies. I got this idea from the movie Thank You for Smoking. While watching the movie I got to thinking about smoking in movies, and how it still, STILL has not died out! While watching the movie, my friend told me that a teacher of his had once told him that people smoke after sex, because movies made it look cool! So I have decided to investigate.

I watch Sex in the City and see Sarah Jessica Parker puffing away on her Marb Lights. Brokeback Mountain has huge amounts of smoking. While I watched both of these shows, I always think how smoking neither adds nor takes away from the show. It is just completely pointless. Yet still, young people, ages 10-14 report that they have started smoking because of what they see in movies. And apparently, since 1998, cigarette product placement has been forbidden in movies, according to this article from And according to another source against smoking in movies, whether a company pays for a specific brand to be used, or no money is exchanged and generic white cancer sticks poke out of their lips, the result for the desire of cigarettes is just as devastating.

But cigarette companies are still carrying out their destructive deeds through product placement. Movie industry executives who participate in this are just corrupt. Like I said before, smoking adds absolutely nothing to a movie. Alcohol ads are often funny. They are clever. They produce many things that are tangible, like coasters and beer mugs and signs and lamps and t-shirts for decoration.

What do cigarette companies do? Try to blacken the lungs of more consumers. Younger consumers. Check out the latest movies with cig product placement. This list even identifies the specific brand that the movie is promoting. This is just crazy and old fashioned. I think movie executives need to eliminate this type of advertising, altogether. I just seems so old fashioned, and it the sole focus of product placement for most cigarette companies.


Blogger khengsiong said...

It's difficult to stop tobacco companies from having 'indirect ads'. After all, this is a capitalist society.

If I were not mistaken, Canadian government has required that photo of ‘blacken lung’ be printed cigarette packets. That sounds like a great idea.

Cigarettes sold in Indonesia have warning which says that smoking causes impotence. That should make macho men think twice. As for woman smokers, perhaps we should remind them that smoking accelerates ageing.

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