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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tis the season for RE-RUNS!

It's the holiday season, which means it's time for shopping! And perhaps one of the most important time for advertisers. Which item will be the must-have this year? Every product wants to be number one on this list.

But what does a company do when all that's on television are RE-RUNS!? According to a Mediapost article, December is the second most popular period for re-runs, with 45% of programming already seen. (Summer is number one, with 75% re-runs.) So if there are less shows that capture attention--if "Lost" and "Prison Break" are on hiatus until the new year...

Where will the advertisements go? What product placement can be done if there are no new shows on to place the hot new products in? Well the season is a time for product placement and television advertising to take a back seat to print and internet advertising.

According to research from MORI for the Newspaper Association of America, print advertising is one of the most popular when making a purchase, with the most popular day being Sunday. Even consumers making 100K+ consult with newspaper advertising, with internet advertising being in a close second.

So that's some food for thought. Here my blog is all about how product placement and branded content is the new age of advertising when it is the good-old-fashioned print ads that take the cake--and the Christmas cookies--especially during the holiday season.

For some more stats on newspaper advertising and it's great popularity, check out the Center for Media Research.


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