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Friday, November 17, 2006


I think I have come up with a formula for movie and television success.

If movie or television show has no product placement,
then it is a success!

I realized this while I was watching the first season of the OC, a Fox television show. Four years ago, when the show first began, there was quite a bit of product placement. Last night when I was watching the first season of the show, I noticed the products. But when I watched the new episode last night, there was none. Since the show has gotten so successful, I believe they have taken out the product placement. Ads during this time slot are expensive enough!

Though the OC does not have any more product placement, it's still a huge source of revenues.
Marketers shelled out 71% more, a hefty $941 million, to integrate brands into TV shows in 2005 vs. 2004 (from USA Today).

But the successful movie have shown the same trend in loosing the product placementPirateses of thCaribbeanan II has no product placement, whatsoever (from! This was also the highest grossing movie of the summer. I havdefinitelyly spotted this as a trend.


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