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Friday, November 10, 2006

Sony releases free movie clips!

The Youtube trend has really taken hold of online media, along with the rise of social networking websites like Myspace. Sony has jumped on the bandwagon this week by releasing movie clips to a video sharing site called Grouper. From this site, people can post the movie clips on their own personal web pages.

While Sony is latching onto the rise in video sharing popularity, I think they are doing a lot of things right with this promotion. They have released only their own copyrighted material. Sony movies like "Jerry McGuire" and "Taxi Driver" are property of Sony pictures. These movies, along with about 100 more, are available for others to watch and use. This way, there is no lawsuits involved. All of the clips are quality, and permission is granted for download and reposting.

Sony is hoping that the clips will make users want to purchase the entire movie. It brings back old movies that no longer make a lot of revenue and makes the clips legendary and new again. People reposting and quoting the clips is an easy and free way to advertise.

The deal Sony made is advertainment gold. While users are just looking to the clips as entertainment, they are helping Sony tremendously by making people remember good quotes from movies and hoping that they will go forth and purchase the film in it's entirety.

The other side of this is that Universal Music Group recently sued Grouper for copyright infringement. I believe it's ok when a clip is posted that leaves them wanting more. It's just bad business when an entire song or show is available for download. Read more about Sony or the Universal Music Group lawsuit here.


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