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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A little extreme?

Some companies take advertising to the extreme. While being creative is key, I can think of some companies that go to great lengths to appear appealing to Americans. The 7/11 chain of convenience stores/gas stations is one of these companies that have the need to please.

I first learned that the the 7/11 chain had free Big Gulps on July 11th, their birthday! What a great way to make customers happy. But apparently that may not be enough. About a month ago the 7/11 chain announced that because the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez called president Bush the devil, they would no longer carry Venezuelan based gasoline. How does a company that goes from Slurpees become the most politically active gas station in America? I think a ploy for a little product placement in the news might have made some product placement in the political world. A world otherwise untapped by gas station chains.

7/11 really does take huge strides in making their chain prosper. The Chicago White Sox baseball team cannot even begin their home games until 7:11pm, because the chain is their biggest sponsor. The 7/11 company comes up with ways to get different audiences to take notice of the 7/11 brand. I think bringing up political agendas and postponing major league baseballs games are just a little bit extreme.


Blogger khengsiong said...

Is July 7th the birthday of 7 Eleven?

I thought the convenience store got its name because it was initially opened from 7am to 11pm.

10:31 PM  

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