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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Broadband Commercials

First, there was commercials on television.

Next, commercials on broadband television.

Now, just commercials!

A new website, called adTV will be launching, with some of the biggest execs from HBO are backing it. It's not new to have "best of" or "greatest" commercial segments, but to launch an entire broadband channel based on commercials is an advertisers dream. There will be classic commercials and old ones mixed in to draw in people for the memory lane value.

Again, we have Youtube to thank! They started the trend of putting short segments,, copyrighted or not, for public access. The owners of this adTV venture are hoping the same audience from the Youtube viewership will be logging time on the new ad website. Youtube has a mix of used generated content and published and copyrighted material. Hey, this new ad site might actually work, since it's all obtained legally. Stay tuned!


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