My thoughts on sponsored content, product placement, branded entertainment, and advertainment.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 has provided me with hours of entertainment! I am able to go and check out videos that I like, and based on rankings (google style,) things that I search for pop up. But the site has no ads, whatsoever. is a gold mine for user generated content. People actively consuming media are abundant online, and I feel it is a matter of time before this site has some advertising integration.

TiVo has changed the way we view commercials--because now, we don't. It's possible to avoid video advertising, altogether. But with a site like, a person is able to search for what they want. They will find things that they want to view. And if an ad is entertaining enough, it will be watched. Because the target of generally ranges from teens to twentysomethings, advertisers should take advantage and put up commercials that people can actively search for.

Making an ad specifically for a site like is a good idea. Like the Honda Element online advertisements, or, people who seek out the ads for entertainment value will be exposed to the product, and appreciate it more than someone exposed who is not interested/not paying attention at all.


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