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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Video Game Advertising

My little brother got a new video game this week. I watched just because I haven't seen him in a while. So this new game mimicking the movie "Scarface" had me thinking: this is a great way to reach a huge market. He was talking about the cars, the different brands, and the different places in Miami that were in the game setting. Almost lifelike, he cruised the Miami streets. It was as close to reality as he was getting, this lazy Saturday afternoon.

I really underestimated the possibilities in video game advertising. Second Life is a popular game that advertising has become a huge element within. After being shown the website (read more about it here), I realize how much people pay attention to game content. The window in New York City which corresponds to the game is a great way to bring people in and show the Intel brand in two venues. Plus people are reporting and blogging about it. It became a huge event, though it was simply broadcast on a videogame.

Advertising in games is gaining in popularity, and I think I finally understand why. When playing a game, people are actively taking in what they see. It's even possible to learn from a game. My brother was telling me about Lamborghini features--and I don't think he's even been near one. It's not just about throwing in an ad here or there, either. He was playing a game he enjoyed, and products were placed in that game that a teenage boy would like. It's a great way to direct products at a specific target market, and unlike movies, these games are played repeatedly. Gaming is not just for teenage boys though; apparently gamers are on average of 41 years old and 52% are women.


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