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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Still unsure about GoogTube

Not to jump the gun, but a few posts back I wrote about how I thought Google buying was a bad idea. Basically because it contains so much copyrighted material, its an infringement suit waiting to happen.

So lately has been discussing some of their opinions, and went as far as to say that the purchase was one of the biggest blunders in Google history. I readily agree with this opinion. They listed the following key points to failure:
1. YouTube is young, the market is young.
2. It only has 65 employees.
and 3. The legal issues.

While I do commend Google for taking a risk, and realize that 1.6B is pocket change for the company, I feel very uneasy about the copyrighted material available on the site. Being in this young age demographic, I like YouTube because it has very few ads, and there is such a wide array of free material available. I can even watch Desperate Housewives on YouTube. This is a copyright infringement. If YouTube takes off, like it is projected to, I'm sure there will be more ads and either the copyrighted material will be removed, commercials will be placed within the shows, or viewing the shows will cost money. I hate to reiterate myself, but it's like Napster. And nobody uses Napster anymore.

Next I would like to point out another idea put forth by, in an article titled, "Why aren't we talking about YahooTube?" The article argues that Yahoo would seemingly be pursuing YouTube as well, if it were such a worthwhile venture. But it did not. The article gave five reasons, one which you will now be enlightened by:
1. Yahoo is a media company.
"YouTube does not produce original content. In fact, it is little more than a video hosting site -- maybe, maybe you could call it a video search engine."

This is my number one concern, as is a concern of critics of the YouTube sale. Yahoo prides itself on originality. Yahoo is in the works banging out a deal to have some integration with And they already own and, which are two very reputable sites.

Now I do not think that the Yahoo empire is any stronger, and obviously not any bigger than the reigns of Google. However, Yahoo is focused on originality, quality, and resourcefulness. YouTube is a bunch of crappy home videos or copyrighted materials. I have a feeling this post is to be continued...


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