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Friday, October 20, 2006

MTV has a new popular TV show-- "Two A Days." So I did a little math...

-Popular show = lots of advertising interest
-Popular show + TiVo = Nobody sees the advertisements
-Therefore, a popular show means nobody will see the advertising for it!

MTV found a way to make sure the fans would see the advertisements. On MTV Overdrive, a section of the site dedicated to multimedia, they posted the final episode. Only only. So if you wanted the clincher, you had to visit the website to watch. And while you can fast forward and rewind through the show, you can't do anything about the commercials! You can't stop, pause, rewind, or fast forward. The only way not to watch the commercials is to X-out of the window.

This is good supporting evidence to go along with the idea that the future of media lies in the internet. MTV had a really good idea, because any fan of the show would watch, and the commercials would be seen, no matter what. The site also has a lot of unique content, all of which has commercials embedded that are skip-proof. Great idea MTV!


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