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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I recently visited NYC and completely forgot how completely overwhelming advertising is there. From the moment I stepped onto the train platform I began to notice so many ads fighting for attention. As the train whizzed down the tracks, everything outside was a blur--even the graffiti. I realized, why go through so much trouble to find a unique spot (like graffiti artists) or pay a sum of money to advertise in a place that is so out of place?

I think many advertisers have a case of product mis-placement. There is so much clutter in the advertising world that nothing had really stood out to me while I was walking around the city. Then tonight I went to see the new movie "Employee of the Month," which is set in a grocery store. The most amazing thing about the movie is the number of products that were featured, that I did not even bat an eye at. Products that are just hanging out on shelves in a movie is no way to promote an item. Because of movies like this, product placement could potentially become ignored--just like the ads I didn't acknowledge in the city (ad-jab thinks so, too). Advertising is about finding a relevant venue for the ad. Advertising is about capturing the attention of your target market. Advertising is not about nonchalantly tossing your product into a movie. Advertisers, like graffiti artists, need to look for more than that blank space among the clutter.


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