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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Byebye YouTube?

As we all know by now, Google has purchased for 1.65 billion--their largest purchase to date (if you haven't heard, read all about it here). This is really interesting, considering the website is still an unprofitable startup venture and has tons of copyrighted material for free. Now, with this new deal, all of the things that I love about YouTube will probably disappear. Comparisons to Napster are already being made. I am thinking the once-free YouTube will end up a pay-for-play site, or that it will be bombarded with banners or commercials.

The whole premise of Google's purchase was the anticipated move toward internet entertainment. YouTube provides TV shows sans commercials. But with the way things are looking, it is probable that YouTube will soon present sponsored content to the viewers to make some type of advertising revenues.

Maybe not, though. Google video has been free, so far. But it also does not have the amounts of television shows and copyrighted material that YouTube currently has. YouTube has really blown up somehow, with so many people putting their own home videos up. I heard about it though wom, so interestingly enough, YouTube has spread the word without any ads. If Google begins to sponsor the content of YouTube, I think it may loose viewers. I know I would stop watching!


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