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Friday, October 27, 2006

Being a 19-year-old college student, I never go into bars. Yet somehow, plenty of bar paraphernalia has infiltrated my apartment. I have Molson coasters, and Budweiser mugs from a local pub. This is an advertisers dream come true. For the few cents it costs to make these products, people will use and reuse them. Steal them, and pass them on to friends. I have a friend whose whole kitchen glass set consists of those Budweiser mugs stolen from the bar.

Alcohol companies have such great ideas when it comes to advertainment and sponsored content. I have previously mentioned, a website that will open after the upcoming superbowl with television shows, music, and comedy. The free stuff that the companies give away promote the brand even further.

Alcohol companies are also notorious for sponsoring entire events. In Ithaca, the team 100 Proof Promotions has Absolut Vodka sponsoring all of the events that they hold. The parties hosted by the 100 Proof team are often among the most popular events in the Ithaca nightlife. And all of the flyers and advertisements have the Absolut bottle prominent for all to see.

In Utica, NY, home of the Saranac Brewing Co., they have sponsored more than just events. They have an entire street decorated with beer banners! The street, Varick Street, is also home to many pubs and bars. On Thursdays, the company closes down the street to hold "Saranac Thursdays," in which Saranac is celebrated even more. The best part is just the name. People do not go out to go to the bars, the do not to go Varick St. to party. They go to Saranac Thursdays (yay, sponsorship). The name alone being referred to is great WOM.

So, great job, alcohol companies! Even underage kids like me have Budweiser mugs now!


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