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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're All Billboards

Product placement is seen everywhere. It's not just a TV and movie scheme, though. We;re all product billboards, walking around, toting brand names and dropping the names of our favorite restaurant, movie, or brand of pasta. If the value of product placement is worth anything, which it is, marketers have the right idea when going after celebs to talk them up to consumers.

Take the fashion industry, for instance. Maybe Paris Hilton wears a Chanel dress to an awards show. She talks about her dress. Celebrities make many products popular by wearing and promoting them. When Paris was arrested for DUI a few weeks ago, it was because she really wanted an In-and-Out Burger. More product placement. Companies love celebs to promote their brand. And in doing so, companies can make celebrities a little more famous.

Here's one media analysts take on why Paris Hilton (this could stand for any celeb) is so famous. Paris throws out tons of unpaid product placement. She is name dropping from everything from nightclubs to her dog's clothing designer. She pays attention to big events, big designers, and big nightclubs--and in return, they pay attention to her. She is a walking billboard. She is the definition of human product placement. And now she is more famous than ever. And I bet the In-and-Out Burger is, too.

Here's the link to "Why Paris Hilton is Famous."


Blogger khengsiong said...

BusinessWeek says Donald Trump is the champion of self-promotion. I used to believe that. Now I'm not sure.

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