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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Internet that goes bump in the night...

Harry Potter has flown around my computer screen without my permission.

I was just minding my own business and Harry flew out of my AIM buddy list.

This has inspired this post. I really have to complain about the obtrusive ads on my screen, sometimes. I don't like checking the weather and having to wait for some Western Union ad to stop following my mouse around the page. It's very disturbing at night, when I am sound asleep, to be roused from my slumber from something on my computer yelling, "HELLOOOOO? HELOOOOOOOOOOO?" Yes, I like smiley faces. Thank you Stop haunting me in my sleep.

I think advertisers have the right idea, though. Advertising will never, ever die. I notice blogs that tell me that advertising is dead (read one here). That people today have TiVo to avoid commercials. And there are ridiculous amounts of banner advertisements online that are ignored. Of course we're all text messaging and listening to Ipods, in our own little worlds and resent being marketed to.

Maybe these crazy, obtrusive ideas are the next level. But advertising will never die. I cannot visit a website, check my weather, or listen to a song without ads. Like it or not, we're suck with ads, ads, everywhere.

On the bright side, there may be a free new internet music download site powered by: you guessed it...advertising! I'll put up with some ads for some music. I like new ideas to get people to pay attention to ads. I do not, however, like getting yelled at by smile faces while I'm sleeping. So that's two example of new, unique, in-your-face advertising. Who knows which way the advertising road will go....


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