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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Interactive Internet Entertainment!

My absolute favorite website isn't even a website at all--it's an ad! I show it to my friends. I sent the link to my mom. I view it while enjoying a beer on a Friday night. The site is the Element and Friends Web Site for the 2006 Honda Element. It provides different commercials for your viewing pleasure, along with a map you can drive a little Honda Element around an island and find the little critters from the commercials.

I love this website, however, I am a college student and I find it funny. A 2006 Honda Element is completely out of my price range. Whether this site is effective in selling Elements to a younger age demographic--I don't know. It did win a Yahoo! Award for creativity. Apparently the site got a lot of traffic from buying key search words like "hairy" and "fuzzy". Who, when searching for a car, looks up hairy and fuzzy? I know I found out about it though WOM from some of my college buddies. And I saw it on Myspace. Honda probably won't find it's key car-buying audience on Myspace.


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